Mesh Sorting Tools (Blender Add-on)


Mesh Sorting Tools allows you to sort meshes in a more advanced way. It is quite useful when combined with particles or build/explode modifiers.

Mesh Sorting Tools

Mesh Sorting Tools is a very old script that I wrote to be used with Particle Morphing Tools. It is quite ugly (at the time neat and sustainable code wasn't my strong side). I might eventually rewrite it, I might not. Anyway it works for now :).


Download Mesh Sorting Tools.

GitHub (Spoon...)

Source code hosted on GitHub.


  1. Download Mesh Sorting Tools release compatible with your Blender (or preferably update Blender to the latest version :) ).
  2. Enable Add-on in File -> User Preferences -> Add-ons. (Remember that if you want Mesh Sorting Tools to be enabled on startup you have to Save User Settings after enabling this Add-on.
  3. Enjoy exploding meshes in a sofisticated way :).

Usage (Spoon...)