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AllBlue Studio is a small side project created by me and my fiancee. Every day we run a small IT/Graphics company (graphics, websites, mobile apps, multitouch apps, etc.) AllBlue in Poland. As from time to time we use Open Source software we decided that except occasional money donation we can try to do something more.

We created this humble site (or to be more accurate "not yet contructed site" :) ) to share some of our experiences and projects.

As we sometimes work a little bit with Blender (you could have come across my "Particle Morphing tools", "Mesh Tracking Tools" or some other "experiments") you will definietely find here some Blender related stuff (Add-ons, custom builds, tutorials).

Besides Blender I wish in some free time I will be able to publish some tools and projects that I find useful but was too lazy to add a proper finishing touch and documentation. Some of those are related to HTML, PHP, Python, Joomla, C++ or development in general.

To sum it up we hope you will be able to find here something useful and fun.

For now we encourage you to follow us on Facebook or Google Plus for updates :)

Kuba (sftd) & Magda (aya)



File Browser Search

File Browser Search is a BlenderAdd-on that allows you to search for files in Blender File Browser (i.e. when linking/appending resources, opening folders, adding images or movies, opening *.blend files, etc.).

Add-ons Tools

Add-on Tools allows you to decided which add-ons should be enabled according to *.blend file and not only by User Preferences.

Group Particles Tools

Group Particles Tools enables a "hidden" functionality of particles systems in Blender which allows better control over particles displayed as objects group.

Mesh Sorting Tools

Mesh Sorting Tools allows you to sort meshes in a more advanced way. It is quite useful when combined with particles or build/explode modifiers.

Animate Render Layers

Animate Render Layers allows you to animate render layers using keyframes. It can be used to speed up renders or replace objects in a scene with for example shattered objects from another layer.


Sort Modifier (under development)

Sort Modifier is a Blender modifier that allows you to sort verts, edges and faces in modifier stack.

Morph Modifier (under development)

Morph Modifier is a Blender modifiers that enables morphing and building meshes in more advanced ways.


Morph Modifier v0.2 | Windows 64bit | Blender 2.65a

Download: link

Particle Morphing Tools Add-on

Download: link

Mesh Tracking Tools Add-on

Download: link


EWiki (under development)

Simple, file system based markdown implementation.